United Plus Saved My Home! Bank of America sucks!

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So many complain and make comments about bad companies but nobody says anything good about companies that are legitimate.I just want to say thank you to United Plus for all the hard work they put into helping me save my home and I really appreciate the professionalism.

Bank of America would not help me and they continued to screw me over for months attempting to take my home and foreclose on me. I found several companies wanting to help but United Plus was the most knowledgeable and they helped me submit all my paperwork to the retention division with Bank of America and finally I was approved and now I can afford the mortgage payment they offered me.

Bank of America will try to take your home but if you want to keep it, Call United Plus. Ask for either Daniel or Robby, or Crystal.

They are all very helpful and will walk you through what you need to do.

Bank of America deserves several more complaints but I forgive them for all the hardship they caused me since they finally modified my loan.Thanks Bank of America and Special thanks to United Plus

Review about: Processing.



No moification loan works that fast.It take up to six months or more.

This company is writing there own reveiw. I am in the process of taking this company down.

Do not trust any them.Don't give them money.


United Plus Processing is a SCAM!!BEWARE!!

Daniel White at United Plus Processing contacted me and assured me he would be able to get a Loan Modification approved for us. He explained that his company worked as a servicer to guarantee that our mortgage company would approve our loan modification. The initial fee requested was $895, which was requested as either a wire transfer or a cash deposit into their Bank of America account under the name: Saul Alexander Ocegueda. They worked with us and allowed us to split the fee into 2 payments: $300 and $595.

Afterwards, they sent us all the prepared documents to sign. A few weeks later, they called to let us know that our mortgage company had indeed accepted the modification proposal and just needed us to submit the amount that we had fallen behind (arrears - $3,495) so that they could overnight us the final documents for closing. On Dec. 10, 2012 I sent the arrears payment which was received and deposited on Dec.

14, 2012. On Dec. 17, I received a phone call stating that our mortgage company was requesting a NPV report so it would be a few weeks before we would close. I contacted United Plus frequently through emails and phone calls checking on the status of things because our mortgage company was calling non-stop and telling us they were about to begin foreclosure proceedings.

United Plus told us to stop talking to them and that they had resubmitted everything on Jan.

22, 2012.Since Jan...

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Anyone that has done business with United Plus call the Internal gerneral office.

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